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Pinnacle Business Solutions


Pinnacle wants to help your business operate more cost effective and efficiently.  Pinnacle can outsource your non-revenue generating business activities to lower your overhead and free your office to concentrate on revenue generating activitiess.  Outsourcing all or selected activities can streamline costs, reduce liability, and remove the burden of keeping up with employee files, benefits, and HR related tasks.

Payroll Services & Tax Administration
  • Payroll Processing & delivery

  • Direct deposit paychecks & Direct debit payments

  • Federal and State withholding tax liabilities

  • Complete tax reporting and year-end W-2's

  • Deliver detailed employee reports

  • Eliminate IRS payroll tax audits

  • Handle all employee payroll deductions

Workers' Compensation
  • Workers' compensation coverage under a master policy

  • No upfront costs; pay for coverage as wages are paid

  • Claims management and loss control

  • Handling of workers' compensation audits

  • Coordination of return to work programs

  • Drug free workforce program

  • Investigate and pursue fraudulent claims

Employee Benefits
  • Multiple health insurance options

  • Life Insurance

  • Short and Long term disability coverage

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Supplemental products

  • 401(K) plans

Human Resource Management
  • Maintain employment and medical records

  • Provide assistence with wrongful termination claims

  • Administer COBRA, EEOC, I-9 and other governmental regulations

  • Handle unemployment claims

  • Assist with federal wage and hourly claims

  • Track vacation and sick time accrual

  • Employee handbooks

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